Here's what a few of our clients have had to say about us.

"Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I think Heather and I are going to wait on painting the house for a while. I wanted to thank you not only for the hard work but making the process for my family so easy. Your staff is not only professional in their knowledge but also in the way they treated us. I never had a concern the entire time I was there and on several occasions I even had to leave the house unlocked while they worked. I felt comfortable with them there and was not worried in the slightest. Our house looks great thanks to your crew and it is now starting to feel like a home. There is a lot we want to eventually do to the house in the future and you can be assured that Tip Top will be the company that we'll call."

Thanks again,
Logan Rideout


Many thanks - The doors look super.

 - Sue Phillips


"Hi Gunner I just wanted to touch base and make sure everything is good. Please know that we are very happy with everything you've done and you're doing. We have also enjoyed working with everyone we've come in contact with and have no problem with recommending you or them to anyone who needs some work done. Everyone we've dealt with has been extremely honest and courteous."

Marty Odom


See the guys tomorrow.

 - Dan Davis


"When we got back from lunch with you yesterday, my cousin called & was heading out. He was an Architecture major at OSU when I was there. He really raved about what we've done with the place. Good Show!"


"Dear Ashley,

Gunner asked that I send you a quick note. Gunner has performed several projects for me, at several locations, and with all types of construction. He is very reliable and always lives up to his promises. The work he and his contractors perform are of high quality and Gunner personally inspects to make sure you are happy with the work.

Feel free to contact me, if you would like to discuss it further."

Best regards,
Jim Perrault



"There is only one Gunner in the world and that's you. When I think of you the only word that comes to mind is "amazing." Plus kind, caring, loving, talented, special, etc. I could go on forever.

Thank you for all you have done that was from your heart."

Kris (Mansfield)


"I've seen you and your guys more than we've seen family since we moved in. It's going to be pretty quiet around without you all. Hope you can bring your families out to see your work sometime."

 - Dan Davis


Tip Top Construction LLC - CCOT is the best place in town for customer service. We were very happy with the results.


"The living room was so nice this morning with the sunshine & the view out over the frosty field. It was so much brighter in the kitchen too, with the new door with the window. Didn't know how much that blank back wall had darkened the place."